Black Walnut Tincture
Fungus Formula

1.   This is one of the best known remedies for fungus. Use externally and apply frequently.

2.   Black walnut tincture can be applied on itching skin. This works especially well if the irritation is due to a fungus or similar invasion.

3.   Lice.

4.   Build up potassium as for cysts and tumors.


1.   Lice: For quick relief, bathe the head or body parts with straight apple cider vinegar, oil of garlic, or black walnut tincture or tea.

2.   Fungus Such as Impetigo, Contagiosa: This is a contagious disease, caused by staphylococci masked by flat vesicles that become pustular and then crusted. The best aid that can be given to clear up a fungus condition is the use of black walnut tincture as a fomentation externally and 6-10 drops three or more times a day taken orally in liquid (fruit juices or herbal teas).


Black walnut and alcohol.


1.   Fungus: Then the fungus that my husband gets when he goes into or near the woods, the Blood Stream Formula plus Black Walnut Tincture 6-10 drops taken orally and that has helped him a great deal. We live in the woods so it's difficult not to pick up a condition of the fungus. However. it's not as bad as it was and again we say "Thank-You." [NL 4-11]

2.   Dr. Christopher Cures Jungle Rot During WW II: It's one of the greatest herbs, according to Dr. Christopher. He told the story of the time he enlisted in the army in World War II:

"I was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. I wanted to help people, so I went into the Army as a conscientious objector because I didn't believe in taking life. I said that I would do anything I could, even go out to the front lines with a stretcher, but that I would not kill people. Because of my status as conscientious objector I couldn't get any rank; I couldn't go any higher than a buck private."

"They had given me a dispensary, one of eight in North Fork, Fort Lewis, Washington. Officers and enlisted men alike came to be treated for their ailments. I was in charge of several people, including a special helper and a clean-up-man."
"One Monday morning, during the time we had our regular meetings, Major Shumate, who was over all eight of the dispensaries, brought in a soldier suffering from a case of impetigo contagiosa. Major Shumate discussed the case: 'I've been a consulting dermatologist, and have my own clinic in New York, as you know, which is being run for me while I am here, so I am quite experienced in skin disorders, but I have never seen a case like this.' The soldier had three-quarters of an inch of scab over the entire hair area; the hair had been clipped as close to the scalp as Possible and the scab covered the entire hair area. This man had been hospitalized at one of the largest hospitals in the Northwest, in fact, in the largest Army hospital in the West. He had been hospitalized nine times in all, treated with ammoniated lead and mercury and such things. The disease would subside somewhat in thirty to thirty-six days, but never completely clear. They would release him to go back into service, but in a few days, the impetigo would pop back out again. He had gone through this procedure nine times."

"The Army wanted to release him on a medical discharge. The patient said to Major Shumate, 'I don't want a medical discharge. I came into the Army a clean man and you left me with this dirty stuff to take back to my family. I don't want to go."

"Shumate said, 'I've brought all sorts of specialists in from all over the United States and nobody can help you. There's nothing that can be done. So you've got to take a discharge.'

" 'He can be healed,' I said."

"Shumate whirled around to me and said, 'some of your blankety-blank herbs!'"

"'Yes, with some of my herbs,'I said calmly. I had been through this so often, people ridiculing me, that I didn't let it upset me."

"'I don't care if he puts horse manure on my head,' said the soldier. 'If it'll heal me, do it!'"

"One of the other fellows who headed one of the clinics said sarcastically, 'When's the unveiling going to be?'"

" 'Seven days from today,' I snapped back. Now this man had been hospitalized thirty to thirty-six days at a time and nothing had worked. Here I said that in seven days the man could be cured. When they left, the dispensary heads asked if they could come back the following Monday to have the meeting in my dispensary, instead of meeting at one of the others. Major Shumate agreed."

"The patient had to sign two papers before he was turned over to me: one stated he was no longer a member of the United States Armed Forces, and the other said he was no longer a United States citizen, but a foreigner, an isolated individual there at Fort Lewis under treatment. The Army could have been sued, otherwise, if anything happened to him.

"I called Salt Lake, where I knew a man who had a Black Walnut tree in his yard; he was a professor at the University of Utah. I asked him if he had some husks from the outside of the nuts. He said, 'Oh, yes, we've harvested this year, but the husks are under two feet of snow.'"

"'Will you go out and dig up that pile of husks and send me a big sack of them up to Fort Lewis? Can you get them on the plane tonight so I can have them the following morning?' He did, and I had those husks the following morning in Fort Lewis."

"I made up a gallon of tincture of Black Walnut using rubbing alcohol. In the Army, the dispensaries were not allowed to handle 90 proof or any other proof grain alcohol; if we had, had it we could have used the tincture internally as well as externally. So I had to use rubbing alcohol, but never before and never since have I used rubbing alcohol for a tincture! The gallon of tincture was ready in two days. The usual time to make a tincture is fourteen days. but I was under a lot of pressure there, so this one was ready in two days and I credit the Lord for giving the tincture its potency.

"We made up a night cap that covered the man's head like a football helmet. It was made of layer after layer of gauze till it was very thick. It was covered with adhesive tape and we taped it to hold it down. At the crosses where the tape didn't cover, there was room to insert a syringe filled with the tincture into the gauze to keep it wet. Because I lived off the base, I was only there so many hours in the day. When I left, I instructed the next shift to keep this man under observation twenty-four hours a day. The man was also kept under guard as he now had the status of a foreigner."

"He spent four days, Thursday through Sunday, with the fomentation on his head. Monday morning came, and for the first time all the dispensary heads were there on time, sitting on the edges of their chairs, waiting for the show."

"The two MP's brought the soldier in, sat him down, and Major Shumate said, 'Let's see the case.' So I loosened the adhesive tape where it was holding the headpiece down and took it off. Inside the helmet was three-quarters of an inch of horrible-looking scar tissue and scab. But his head was clean as a baby's. There was no sign of impetigo at all. There had been some secondary infection where the scalp had bled, and that was healing. The men had all gasped when I took the bandages off. Major Shumate used a few words I wouldn't repeat, but then he said, 'I have been a dermatologist for years and I have never seen a case as horrible as this--and never have I seen anything heal as rapidly as what you've used.' In front of the men who were either lieutenants, majors, or captains, Major Shumate sanctioned me to treat all patients brought in to me with herbs. He officially made me an herbal doctor in the United States Army, the only one known in World War II. I brought back into the dispensary cases that I had, had to use the 'skull and crossbones' medicines on, with no success, and I treated them with herbs-and they were healed. We got quite a name for ourselves. Men from all over Fort Lewis, even generals, came over because I had the only formula, Black Walnut tincture, that would heal jungle rot. The only one! And so we were very busy herbalists." [NL 4-11]

Useful in Treating:

* Acne
* Athlete's Foot
* Boils
* Cuts
* Cysts
* Dandruff
* Itch

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