A group of nervous system disorders which are marked by repeated episodes of convulsive seizures, blackouts and sensory disorders.

Herbal Aids:

See Epilepsy formula # 1 using boneset and blue vervain. [SNH p.226]

See Epilepsy formula # 2 using boneset, blue vervain, water pepper and camomile. [SNH p.226]

See formula for antispasmodic tincture using lobelia, skullcap, skunk cabbage, gum myrrh, black cohosh and cayenne. [SNH p.363]

See formula for epilepsy using scullcap, wood betony, valerian root, pennyroyal, centaury, cayenne and bayberry. [SNH p.372]

See formula for epilepsy using scullcap, lobelia and cayenne. [SNH p.373]

See formula for epilepsy using valerian, catnip, horehound, pellitory-of-the-wall, peony, wood betony and scullcap. [SNH p.378]

See how to make patient perspire then give the formula using valerian, mistletoe, shavegrass, yellow or ladies' bedstraw and wormwood. [SNH p.378]

See formula using black cohosh, blue cohosh and vervain. [SNH p.401]

Juices for Epilepsy: Turnip leaf, watercress, spinach. [NL 3-5]


1. Anti-Spasmodic Formula: Dr. Christopher's Anti-Spasmodic Tincture:  I just received your newsletter, and in reading the information on epilepsy I found that you didn't mention your antispasmodic tincture.

I have epilepsy and have followed your program with the B & B tincture and oil of garlic and I'm sure this is effective over a period of time; but the antispasmodic tincture will stop the seizure in the process. I have used it successfully--even during home childbirth. This is a very good test, as epileptics could tell you, as childbirth always causes seizures.

I have also given the tincture to a friend for her baby. They had just spent almost $1,000 on tests and medication the "AMA Way" and were having no success in stopping the seizures. They say this tincture has changed their lives. Having experienced epileptic seizures, I know that is no exaggeration.
I have never read or heard of this tincture being used for epilepsy, but was led by the Spirit to use it. I hope this might be of help to others who are suffering. God bless you. [NL 1-4]

2. Ear & Nerve Formula: Dr. Christopher's Nervous System Formula with Black Cohosh:  A boy 12 years old, was brought to me as a patient several years ago, who was having severe epileptic seizures and these had started after the child had received head injuries in an automobile accident. I have had success treating epileptic patients up to this time, by using our basics; bowel cleaning and blood purification, as well as using antispasmodic herbs. However, none of the procedures I had used over the years so successfully, worked at all with this new 12 year old patient.

One night I sat alone in my office, after all my patients had left for the day, wondering why I was not getting the results with this boy as I had with others with the same condition. I realized that I needed "help" and so I prayed earnestly that something could be done for this child and after some time of praying and meditating an "idea" for a "formula" of herbs for nerves came to my mind. I quickly wrote down: blue cohosh, black cohosh, blue vervain, scullcap, and lobelia in a 90 proof tincture. I immediately went to the lab we had out in back of the office, and made up the tincture. When this formula was given to the epileptic boy patient, there was an immediate reaction, and before long, he showed great improvement.

We found this same amazing formula would stop hiccups and was great to use by drops in the ear with oil of garlic to clear up earaches, and has even restored hearing in some cases. We called it B & B Tincture. [NL 2-11]

3. Dr. Shook Cured Epilepsy: Dr. Shook related a case wherein a young girl was brought to him with a longstanding case of epilepsy. She had suffered various injuries during her attacks. Shook made a strong decoction of Black Cohosh, blue gentian and valerian root, expecting immediate results, but the seizures continued. Shook then consulted an old herbalist, who informed him that only alcohol could extract the antispasmodic values from Black Cohosh. The parents tried the tincture, given here, and the seizures gradually decreased from up to thirty in one day to nearly none after six months. [NL 5-6] Dr. Shook's Formula consists of black cohosh, blue cohosh and blue vervain. [NL 5-6]

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