Utah and other areas of the world are currently debating putting Fluoride into the public drinking water. HerbalLegacy.com is all about educating the public and helping people to live a healthy lifestyle. We DO NOT believe that fluoridation of the public drinking water is a good idea. We don't want you to just take our word that it is unhealthy, you should look into it for your self. After looking through these pages feel free to use your favorite search engine and see what other information you can find on your own and you will see why we don't support fluoridation.

The following pages is just a little information that we have put together so you may learn for yourself.

Newspaper Articles
This section includes a few Newspaper Articles on the topic of Fluoridation. One is from our own Master Herbalist, David Christopher.

This section has a handful of letters from various organizations and people on Fluoridation.

Professional Contacts
This page was prepared by the Citizens for Safe Drinking Water - Utah and provides the names and contact information for some knowledgeable professionals.

Silicofluorides and Lead
Here, we have some information on what the affects are of Fluoride on people and our children.

Populations that are Unusually Susceptible
The title says it all.

Rejection of Water Fluoridation
A list of places that have retracted fluoridation since 1990.

A Little USA Geography
Take a look at which Cities and States Fluoridate their water.

Fluoridation Links and Quotes
Don't take our word about fluoridation, check out what others have to say about it. There are both pro-fluoridation and anti-fluoridation sites listed. We also have a few quotes we feel you might like.
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