An abnormal and rapid fluttering, pulsation, or beating of the heart. [SNH p.38]


Weak heart valves having poor tone may be the cause. Fever and excitement from panic can add to the problem. The fluttering of the heart is due to weakness within the entire body system, but more specifically in the heart area. High cholesterol and dense mucoid stoppage can cause sluggishness of the blood flow. [SNH p.38]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Take Cayenne, wheat germ oil, and hawberry tonic. Motherwort is another specific. [SNH p.38]

Tansy: Make a decoction by simmering the herb 10 minutes, take 2 fluid ounces 4-5 times daily. [SNH p.123]

Rue: Chew 1-2 freshly-picked leaves.

Valerian: Valerian is powerfully antispasmodic in its effect upon the system. It is gently stimulating, very soothing and quieting to the nervous system. Valerian is an effective calmative. It influences circulation by slowing the action of the heart, while increasing its force; therefore it has been very beneficial in cases of cardiac (heart) palpitation. [SNH p.376]

Valerian: Administer hot valerian with cayenne pepper (capsicum minimum; C. fastigiatum). [SNH p.377]

Black Cohosh: Give a full dose of black cohosh infusion. [SNH p.399]

Cayenne: In acute stages, repeated dosages of one to two teaspoonfuls [in hot water] every 1/2 hour (more frequently when required). [SNH p.408]

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