Any ailment having to do with the throat such as sore throat, ulcerated or inflamed throat, thrush, etc.


Sore throat is by no means pleasant. The causes are varied. The tonsils may be swollen from a clogged lymphatic system, or the throat can be sore and irritated from coughing. What we need here is instant relief from pain and something to soothe and heal the throat. [NL 4-1]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: For the serious sufferer who wants very quick relief, cayenne pepper taken in juice or water will bring great results. The stimulating effects of the cayenne will help increase the circulation in the throat area, minimizing the pain. Jethro Kloss, the self-educated healer and author of Back to Eden, states that pain results from poor circulation in an area of the body. Warm ginger tea is an excellent herbal aid for pain of sore throat. A hot fomentation of mullein and lobelia [Mullein & Lobelia] over the throat can also speed healing. It, too, increases circulation. The soothing demulcent such as slippery elm and marshmallow root tea can lessen throat irritation. Mullein is another valuable herbal aid. Sage tea has been used for centuries for helping with colds and sore throats. A few drops of the liquid antiseptic formula, consisting of oak bark, golden seal, capsicum, comfrey, garlic, and myrrh, can be dropped into the throat. This is one of our most wonderful formulas for the use on cuts and wounds. We have found that it also obliterates the irritation of sore throat for several hours. Because it is such a powerful herbal aid the taste is also very powerful. It needs to be used very sparingly. [NL 4-1]

Pomegranate: Sore Throat: Use the pomegranate fruit rind or flowers as a gargle. [SNH p.114]

Bayberry: Sore throat. Make a strong decoction solution (boil 2 ounces of the herb 15 minutes in 1 pint of water, strain and add sufficient glycerine to make up the pint, cool); spray the solution into the nose and throat every 1-2 hours during 1 day then gradually extend the time between applications. [SNH p.132]

Bayberry: Sore throat. Gargle the throat thoroughly with the decoction until it is clean, then drink a pint lukewarm to cleanse stomach. [SNH p.132]

Red Oak: Ulcerated and inflamed throat. Use the decoction as a gargle. [SNH p.139]

Red Raspberry: Sore mouth and throat, thrush, spongy gums. Use the strong infusion as a wash and gargle. [SNH p.143]

Gargle: Sore throat. See formula using raspberry leaves, cranesbill root, blackberry root and leptandra. [SNH p.149]

Cranesbill: Sore, inflamed, or irritated throat. Use the decoction of the root as a gargle. [SNH p.152] Decoction of cranesbill. See formula using cranesbill and distilled water. [SNH p.153]

Sore Throat (gargle). See formula using cranesbill root, bayberry bark, golden seal root, marshmallow root, wild indigo root and rosemary herb. [SNH p.156]

Sumach: Sore throat. Infuse the berries for 1/2 hour in a quantity of water, strain and sweeten to taste with honey; mix with fresh pineapple juice; use as a gargle. [SNH p.158]

White Pond Lily: Apply a poultice of the fresh roots and leaves; also the strong decoction makes an excellent base for mixing other ingredients for application; the powder is often mixed equal parts with crushed flax seed (linseed) or powdered slippery elm. [SNH p.165]

Balm of Gilead: Sore throat. Gargle with an infusion of the buds. [SNH p.202]

Ulcerated Throat: Use equal parts of the sage infusion and apple cider vinegar as a gargle. [SNH p.234] Infusion of garden sage. See formula using sage leaves, distilled water and glycerine. [SNH p.235]

Mullein Oil: Rub mullein oil in well, or apply on saturated cotton and cover. [SNH p.317]

Slippery Elm: Sore throat. Chew the bark. [SNH p.335]

Sore Throat: See formula using cayenne powder, red garden sage tea, apple cider vinegar, sea salt and honey. [SNH p.411]

Anti-Spasmodic Formula: Dr. Christopher's Anti-Spasmodic Tincture: Consists of skullcap herb, lobelia, cayenne, valerian root, skunk cabbage, gum myrrh, and black cohosh. Used historically in cases of convulsions, fainting, cramps, delirium tremors, hysteria, etc., also good for pyorrhea, mouth sores, coughs, throat infections, tonsillitis, etc. Dose 1/2 to one teaspoon to glass of steam distilled water as a gargle and use until throat clears, also take one teaspoon in steam distilled water morning and evening. [HHH p.195]

Ear & Nerve Formula: Dr. Christopher's Nervous System Formula with Black Cohosh: Black cohosh, blue cohosh, blue vervain, skullcap, and lobelia. This is used to help aid in nervous conditions, sore throat, hiccups, and aid to restoring malfunctioning motor nerves and assisting in adjusting poor equilibrium and hearing, and a great blessing to epileptics. Massage into the medulla (base of skull), and upper cervicals, follow instructions in No. 14 formula, and take six to ten drops in a little water or juice two or three times a day. [HHH p.195]

Itch Ointment: Dr. Christopher's Itch Ointment:  This is made of chickweed herb and bees wax and oils. Excellent for eczema and/or other skin infections, sores, burning, itchy skin or genitals, swollen testes, acne, hives, also for ulceration of mouth and throat. This is a wonderful healing ointment. [HHH p.196]

Aloe Vera: A piece of the plant, held in the mouth and allowed to release its juice, clears the throat for singers and speakers. [UW-Aloe Vera]

Oak Bark: Gargle for sore throat. 1 oz. powdered oak bark simmered in 3 pints of water for about 30 minutes. Simmer to 2/3 of original volume. [NL 2-10]

Juices: Sore throat. Pineapple, celery, coconut, fig. [NL 3-5]

Sassafras: Inflamed throat. Give the mucilage of sassafras pith. [SNH p.79] Mucilage of sassafras pith: See formula using sassafras pith and distilled water. [SNH p.80]

Onion: The Onion is so powerful, he said, that once a medical doctor in the East had a patient with strep throat that nothing would touch and the patient was getting worse. The doctor thought he'd try an old-fashioned remedy that his grandpa had told him about. He just diced up a big dried onion, put it on a saucer, and placed it on a table by the man's bed, not where he could reach it or use any of it, but just inhale it. The next morning the strep throat was gone. Just from inhaling it! Just from breathing it! [UW-Onion]

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