Over ninety percent of all diseases and malfunctions of children's bodies (as with adults) stem from the unclean intestinal tract, constipation (Latin constipatio meaning crowding together), with infrequent or difficult evacuation of the feces, retention of the feces, and lack of coordination in the nerve and muscle functions of the colon and bowel.

The mucusless diet will eventually clear the body of old fecal matter that has accumulated and become dehydrated and hard and cause so much trouble. Sometimes the body needs faster help than can be given with diet alone.

The body of man must be kept clean inside and out, to perform his daily tasks efficiently and smoothly. This body is the housing of the spirit and operating force of life. With the spirit commanding a good clean structure, a smother, happier life is evident. The scriptures tell us that God will not dwell in an unclean tabernacle. We have been told that the body is a temple, or tabernacle of God. This structure must be kept in good repair, and clean, to be a comfortable abode. [HHH p.128]


1. A condition of peristaltic malfunction in the bowels wherein the fecal matter becomes condensed and compressed and the evacuations are infrequent and difficult. This condition is produced by our modern way of life--the eating of highly refined and demineralized foods instead of a plain and coarse diet, the strain and stress of rapid living, hastily eaten meals, and lack of exercise. When toxic waste matter is left to stagnate in the lower bowel tract, the system becomes polluted with poisonous gases which congest and irritate the surrounding organs, causing adhesions, and other ailments. A person should have bowel movements as often as regular meals are eaten. [SNH p.12]

2. Dizziness can be caused by constipation when pressure causes the nerves to become impinged. [SNH p.18]

3. Hives: The bowels must be cleared since the worse cases of hives can come from constipation. [SNH p.31]

4. Bronchitis: Constipation is one of the chief causes of the problem. [HHH p.42]

5. Diarrhea: It is the most severe form of constipation and should be dealt with immediately. [HHH p.63]

6. Headaches: Headaches can stem from several sources. Very common is the constipation headache, where compressed fecal matter presses on the nerves that affect the head. We have seen severe migraine headaches cured by taking a catnip enema. For longer-term relief, the lower bowel formula can heal the bowel so that there is no constipation. [EWH p.146]


1. The impurities accumulate with improper diet and living, and then when nature makes an increased effort to clear that wastage out, the dirty channel holds back the larger materials similar to the overgrowth and trash that can dam an irrigation ditch. [HHH p.131]

2. Meat also causes constipation through the fact that it encourages putrefaction of the colon both by introducing putrefactive organisms in great numbers and also by providing material which is best calculated to encourage the growth of putrefactive organisms in the colon. [HHH p.140]

3. Most persons who suffer from constipation habitually drink too little water. [HHH p.141]

4. Alcoholic beverages of all sorts tend to produce constipation, by causing chronic intestinal catarrh, ulcer of the stomach, and paralysis of the sympathetic nerves. [HHH p.146]

Herbal Aids:

Lower Bowel Tonics: (Lower Bowel) You may get quick, temporary relief by using an herbal laxative to clear the lower bowel tract, but only the lower bowel tonics will get at the cause. With the lower bowel tonic, we help feed the eliminative organs and allow them to work on their own and eventually eliminate the use of enemas, colonics, and laxatives. The proper procedure is to build up the body, to cleanse it, and see that the bowels work freely.  Often prune juice or fruits will give relief and start the peristaltic motion coming again with ease.  The afflicted person can assist in restoring natural bowel action by drinking copious amounts of water between meals (one-half hour before and two hours after eating) and by eating proper foods at regular intervals, especially bulky foods.  Avoid any inorganic or concentrated foods.   One should be wary of an incorrect use of laxatives and purgatives, because liquefied fecal matter is immediately absorbed by the intestinal villi into the bloodstream, and if there be excess, some of it will be thrown out of the bloodstream into the lungs, skin, kidneys, or other organs, producing a chronic toxemia thus laying the foundation for chronic disease. [SNH p.12]

Chronic Constipation: It is useful here to combine Oregon grape root (2 parts) with cascaras sagrada (Rhamnus purshiana) (1/2 part). Take in doses of two fluid ounces, but if this relaxes the bowels too much, reduce the dose, but take regularly. [SNH p.73]

See formula for constipation using raspberry leaves, mountain flax and dandelion root. [SNH p.144]

Butternut: For Chronic Constipation use the aqueous extract of Butternut which is free of astringency. Diarrhea, dysentery: The astringent alcoholic extract containing properties is best for these problems; use 1-2 teaspoonfuls. [SNH p.179]

According to Dr. Shook, this formula is especially useful...for constipation of long standing. See formula using turkey rhubarb, myrrh and ginger. [SNH p.186]

See formula for Constipation Capsule # 1 using mandrake, turkey rhubarb, myrrh and cayenne. [SNH p.197]

See formula for Constipation Capsule # 2 using mandrake, socotrine aloes, turkey rhubarb and golden seal. [SNH p.197]

Habitual Constipation: Combine wahoo with butternut bark (Juglans cinerea), or use alone. [SNH p.200]

Chickweed: Take 1 cupful of the warm decoction of chickweed (fresh herbs every 3 hours or softener until bowels are regulated. [SNH p.323]

See formula for constipation using marshmallow root, sweet flag, fennel, dandelion, cayenne and ginger. [SNH p.328]

Cayenne: And if you are brave, you can use it as an enema for obstinate constipation. [SNH p.411]

Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel Formula (Lower Bowel) [HHH p.151]

Kelp: So many of our illnesses result from constipation, and such a large portion of our population suffers from this ailment! Poisons accumulate in the large bowel and are absorbed back into the bloodstream, causing a host of disorders which are not specific in themselves but stem back to the toxic colon. Many people subscribe to enemas and colonics to cleanse the colon, and Dr. Christopher agreed that these may have a place in an emergency, but they should absolutely never be relied upon. In addition to his formula for toning the colon, Kelp can take an important place doing this job. Because of its high natural mineral salt content, Kelp builds the walls of the colon and the iodine, being highly antiseptic, deals with the toxic condition. For this reason, Kelp can be used in all cases associated with auto toxemia, especially in pregnancy. All constipated people should take Kelp daily, with the addition of blackstrap molasses if needed. Few people are really free from constipation, so almost everyone could benefit from the addition of Kelp to the daily diet. [UW-Kelp]

Juices for Constipation: Rhubarb, prune, fig. [NL 3-5]

Vegetables for Constipation: Several glasses a day of cabbage broth. [NL 4-12]

More Vegetables for Constipation: Red Beet, chard, Jerusalem artichoke, green pepper, pumpkin, radishes, summer squash and zucchini. [NL 4-12]


1. 45 Capsules to Blast Her Loose: One day a lady stomped into Dr. Christopher's office in Evanston, Wyoming. As she came to a screeching halt before his desk, she said she had female problems, and she understood that he had helped other women with female problems. She wanted him to clear her up. She was extremely demanding and abrupt. Because she wore a nurse's uniform from the Evanston General Hospital, he knew she was a registered nurse.

He looked at her and said, "Ma'am, how long since you have had a bowel movement?"

She snapped back at him, "Nine days, so what?"

He apologized about being crude, but he knew that there was something wrong with her. Before they did anything about her female problems, they would have to clear up the bowel area.

She agreed to do anything that he asked her. He told her about the three-day cleanse, mucusless diet, using a gallon of steam-distilled water each day, and to keep her diet as raw as possible. She was also to use the herbal lower bowel formula [Lower Bowel]. He didn't want her to come see him again until she was having three or more bowel movements on her own without using enemas or laxatives. He gave her a large packet of the lower bowel tonic [Lower Bowel]. The average person uses two capsules three times a day, but he told her to use five or more capsules three times a day, and more if needed. He said to keep using them until she got movements. She agreed and left. This woman had gone from nine to thirteen days between bowel movements for 26 years. That accounted for her being such a nasty individual.

He didn't see her for ten days, and when she came in, instead of stomping in and growling at him, she glided in and said, "Oh, good morning, isn't it a beautiful morning?"

"You must have been using the lower bowel tonic [Lower Bowel]."

She said that she had, and that it was working.

"How many did you have to use to get started?"

"I had to use forty to forty-five capsules a day before I broke loose, and now I am down to five or more three times a day."

In a month, she was down to two capsules three times a day. At the end of a year, she was having three or more bowel movements a day without using any bowel tonic at all. The lower bowel tonic [Lower Bowel] is not a habit-forming laxative; it is a food. It rebuilds the peristaltic muscle in the bowel, and gets it working again, and also cleans up the liver and gall bladder. It changed her whole life.

At the end of the year, she was moving her bowels regularly and easily, with no aids at all except the foods, which were of a mucusless type. She was a different woman entirely. In fact, she was so changed that other nurses and interns came to get the lower bowel capsules [Lower Bowel] from Dr. Christopher, because they said anything that could change that woman's horrible disposition must be a good thing. [EWH p.140]

2. Constipated Child: My friend has a granddaughter about seven years old. Her parents told me she was born with constipation. She had one bowel movement a week, (all of her life). For two days each week before her bowel movements, she could not eat because she was in so much pain. They had spent hundreds of dollars to physicians trying to help her. They were told not to worry. One bowel movement a week was normal for her granddaughter.

They changed the granddaughter's diet and put her on cleansing herbs [Lower Bowel and Blood Stream Formula]. In two or three weeks she was having three bowel movements a week. They then added Cascara Sagrada, and in another two weeks, the granddaughter was having three bowel movements a day. [NL 2-1]

3. 30 Years of Constipation: "I'm writing to tell you thank you for my mother and myself. I'm a registered nurse that has tried all the normally prescribed remedies for constipation (chronic) to no avail. More water, exercise, bulk, plenty of fresh fruits, and vegetables, etc., simply did not help.

"In discussing the problems with my friend who works in a health food store, she suggested I try Naturalax 2 [Lower Bowel], explaining that it was not primarily a laxative and would help break the cycle of enemas and laxatives to which I'd become dependent--it worked!

"I can't find words to tell you what a miracle it is for me, and my mother who has had the problem 30 years or longer than I, to again have normal bowel function. We are both awed and amazed that a simple herbal remedy could be so miraculous. I had feared all sorts of maladies from aganglionic colon, to cancer. We both consider it an absolute miracle that our bodies are functioning normally for so long. The response was immediate, whereas my friend had said it might take awhile since the problem was long standing. She was drawing on information she had forgotten from a tape of one of your seminars. Needless to say, I am quite impressed. [NL 4-1]

4. Constipation Despite Fiber: I am writing to tell you how much my health has been helped with your Naturalax #2 [Lower Bowel]. I ate a good diet full of fiber, but still had constant problems with constipation - I read about you and the products that you had developed in Healthview Newsletter. I thank God for men like you and may he continue to bless people thru you. [NL 4-12]

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