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It should not be misconstrued to mean, imply or indicate that the product or programs described here will cure anything, as no such claims are made. Only the body can heal itself. These nutritional suggestions are not offered as a cure, rather, as aids to the body in reestablishing normal functions. The human body is very complex. Although each person is similar in general structure and function, each is also uniquely different, responding differently to similar stimuli, therapies and conditions. What may help one person in a certain circumstance or condition, may not help another. This is also true with foods. A particular food that may be nourishing to a healthy person may cause an allergic reaction in another. Each condition may also be unique. Although thousands have had help from the natural methods described here, there have been and will be cases where destructive pathological changes are so severe, and the bodies own healing mechanisms so weakened, that the process of healing could be an extended process. Persevere, and your hard work will be amply rewarded.


Herbal Legacy.com does not diagnose or prescribe. It is not the purpose of Herbal Legacy.com to replace the services of your health care provider.

We offer this information and suggested programs to those who want to, and are willing to share responsibility for their own health with their health care provider.

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Do not attempt to treat yourself for any serious condition. Consult your health care provider. Show him or her this material and undertake a program of treatment under supervision. However, if your health care provider says that nutrition is not important and attempts to treat you only with drugs, we suggest that you obtain a second opinion from a diet conscience health care provider who is more aware of the natural methods of biological medicine, because after all, it is your health!


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