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Did you know that this fabulous fruit served at your Thanksgiving table:

* Can heal urinary tract infections?

* Contains powerful antioxidants?

* Has the ability to reverse and inhibit the gathering of oral bacteria responsibly for dental plaque and periodontal disease?

* May help prevent peptic ulcers?

* Offers a natural defense against atherosclerosis?

* May provide protection against chronic age-related afflictions like loss of coordination and memory?

NOTE: Credit is due to the Cranberry Institute for much of the health information above.

Fresh cranberries are harvested from September to November and that is the time to stock up. When you get them home, store them refrigerated for up to two months or toss them into the freezer for up to a year.

If you are looking for organic cranberries visit www.organiccranberries.com or www.localharvest.com.


Are you looking for cranberry related recipes?  Here are a few for you:

* Carrot, Dried Cranberry and Pine Nut Salad

* Red Cabbage and Sweetened Dried Cranberry Salad

* Cranberry Sauce

* Honey and Spice Cranberry Sauce