Comfrey Testimonials
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This is only a small sampling of the stacks of testimonials we have on Comfrey.

Testimonials of the safety and effectiveness of products containing Symphytum officinale:

S. officinale effective for sprains and breaks

August 9, 2000 ~ This is my comfrey story. I'll try to be brief and concise. I began to study and research herbs and so-called alternative health therapies several years ago, both as a consequence of publishing my own newspaper called "Active Voice," which allows all people equal access at unedited, mass communication, and as a result of a friend coming down with liver cancer and being told to go home and die by medicinal "experts." I make that intro only to explain that my quest to learn began in earnest and that my studies and research have become deep and serious. This past year I have been running a series in my newspaper called "Kicking Cancer's Ass," which is incorporating all I have learned as well as inviting information from others.

Over the course of my studies and research on health and healing, many of the herbal concepts and information were introduced to me via videotapes by Dr. John R. Christopher and Dr. Richard Schultze, thanks to a man named Sam Biser who put the tapes together. This is where I first began taking notes on comfrey and its curative powers. It is far from the only source I have come to trust which advocates the usage of comfrey and also emphasizes comfrey's abilities to heal.

As a person who has always been physically active, involved in playing sports with much running and jumping and physical contact, I have often and consistently suffered sprains in my ankles. I have been lucky to never suffer any breakages, but I have experienced severe, as well as minor sprains, ranging from those which have required air casts and usage of crutches to those which can be brushed off easily.
Earlier this year while playing basketball I came down on someone's foot and my own ankle rolled and suffered tremendous pain. My immediate reaction was more than simply "here we go again" because I genuinely thought I heard something snap as I went down. When I got up and hopped and walked gingerly around a bit it seemed to be similar to past twists or sprains I had suffered. It didn't seem to be as bad as the original pain indicated, or as bad as the sound made me fear, so I moronically began playing again until our game time was over for the day about an hour later. Having experienced such sprains before I should have known enough to take care of it then or at least afterwards that night. But I didn't, and the next morning my ankle was roaring tremendous pain and I was unable to walk.

As I thought about how dumb I was I also thought about all the times I had heard and read about comfrey being used to heal sprains and breaks back in the "days" of the Native Americans, and also by herbalists such as Christopher. I remembered not just the mere fact that comfrey was good, but that the key ingredient was allantoin, which somehow served to helped bind and mend tissue and even induce regeneration of new cells. We had grown comfrey in our herb garden and had some already cut and ready for tea in supply. And so I began that day my own experiment on myself with comfrey.
Every couple hours I would make a pot of comfrey tea, then douse my badly sprained ankle with wash cloths soaked in the tea. I had a strange feeling that as long as my ankle wasn't broken, which I felt strongly that it wasn't, that this might actually work better than paying a large sum of money to have somebody take a picture of my wounded ankle and tell me to stay off it for awhile. By nigh-time the ankle was still certainly very discolored and not ready to walk on comfortably, but I did notice a decrease in the terrible pain that was there in the morning. Perhaps it was natural due to the span of time. Perhaps it had something to do with the comfrey, which in many journals has been touted as having painkilling properties.

When I went to bed I was thinking it would be nice to be able to allow the comfrey to work on my ankle as I slept. But it would be too messy and the heat from the tea would die out too quickly if I wasn't awake to keep refreshing the dressings. I remembered, though, that the key ingredient, the allantoin, was also contained in the aloe vera plant. I decided to let the allantoin work overnight by applying a homemade ointment of aloe vera all around my wounded area.

Even though I have read in a few places that comfrey, when applied externally, does not penetrate to the inside, I didn't totally believe it because it didn't totally make sense to me. Surely if one has a hot tea being soaked and rubbed and allowed to rest on their skin, at least some of that heat and that water, and whatever content that water holds with it, is going to get through open pores and make their way into the system. I know these are not scientific thoughts or suggestions but they were mine and I should hope that ultimately there will never be an attempt by bureaucracies and governments to shackle individual thought and reasoning and choice which, after all, oftentimes leads to new discovery and progress and evolvement and positive growth.

The next morning, after allowing the aloe vera ointment to work on my ankle during the night, and after that day long of comfrey tea dousing, my ankle felt unbelievably better. I could not walk comfortably without limping but the pain that had been screaming at me a day earlier was almost completely gone. I was amazed and I decided to give my ankle another day of comfrey tea dousing, which I did. I also applied another round of aloe vera ointment that night. The next day I was almost walking normally. On the third day, after again using comfrey, I went to work at UPS where for five to six hours a night I put much physical strain and wear on my legs, my ankles, my whole body. There was soreness as I worked this night and certainly I was not totally healed at this point, but I absolutely believe if I hadn't used the comfrey and the aloe vera I would have had to stay away from work, as well as other things, for a much, much longer period of time. I do believe going to work slowed and retarded the healing process. For a few days, especially after getting home from work my ankle was sore and hurt. But the soreness and pain was minor, all things considered, and I never went backwards in my healing and I was back playing basketball a week later with typical energy and zest.

I don't pretend to be an expert at anything. It is my wish while here to learn and grow and evolve in a positive direction, and hopefully somehow prove to be positive for others as well. I question the motives and the sensibility and the logic of those who would try to control free choice and the dissemination of educational information regarding health and healing. The healing of my ankle, and my own attribution of that healing to the curative powers of comfrey may possibly be made in error. But I doubt it. I believe the comfrey alleviated my pain and speeded my recovery. And I didn't pay money to do it. I just used my mind and my heart and one of nature's gifts that was at my disposal. Perhaps that is why some are worried about people using comfrey. Perhaps easy access of the medicine poses a threat to those who care most about money and power, even in matters of health and healing, and in matters of life and death. Perhaps those who would represent inanimate entities which try to regulate such choices might be better off realizing they are essentially, ignorantly putting shackles on their own individual minds, hearts and souls.

S. officinale effective as a cell proliferant

Just another story to substantiate the use of comfrey. I was slicing some vegetables with a big butchers knife and I accidently sliced my pointerfinger along with it. It was a nice slanted incision and fairly deep. I immediately washed it and put some X-ceptic liquid (which contains comfrey) on it. Then I used the Complete Tissue & Bone ointment (which also contains comfrey) on it and covered it with a bandage. By the next day, I could use my finger as if nothing happened. By the second day, my finger was starting to seal from the inside out of the cut. By the fourth day, I did not need the bandage anymore and used the finger freely. This combination of herbs is unsurpassed in its variety of healing situations.

Pauline Esposito

S. officinale effective treatment for soft tissue damage:

I had two accidents in 1998, in which comfrey helped more than any traditional treatment offered by MDs. (In fact, all MDs offered were pain killers and physical therapy, which only made the injuries worse.)
In 1998, I had a trip-and-fall accident at work, Florida Power & Light, in Miami. I tripped on an uneven sidewalk there, and hit the concrete on both knees, one hand, and one elbow. I had several injuries - shoulder, elbow, left hand, both knees, and foot. (My left hand is still quite disabled in the last 2 fingers.) I couldn't move or use my little finger on my left hand and was sure it was broken, I couldn't sleep well because my shoulder was in excruciating pain, and I had a bad limp because of my right foot and knee. I also have several pits and scars on both knees and my right forearm.

Work was incredibly painful- I was working in a foam collar, with my only good hand supporting my head. After not being able to sleep well for months, on the Labor Day weekend, I finally decided that the only way I could get care would be to use my own brain. I studied the two herbal reference books I found, and discovered comfrey. I went to "Bread of Life" health food store in Fort Lauderdale, and bought a pre-made lotion with comfrey, and also some bulk comfrey to make other infusions and lotions at home.
I was amazed at the results- in less than 3 weeks, I was able to hold my head up without the collar, and my shoulder returned to near-normal. The other injuries were helped somewhat, as well, although not as dramatically.

Of course, after all the time missed from work, Debbie Griffin and Ron Zabowski, the managers at Florida Power and Light, terminated my employment. I retained an attorney named "Mandell" from Miami, who did nothing for a year, then told me he couldn't help me, and I was out of cash. I ended up living with my parents in Wisconsin, and about a year later, the County of Milwaukee started paying for my medical care through its GAMP program. (In a way, this was only fair - the government had let the insurance companies run wild, so in the end, the government paid for my care). It was at this time, in 1999, that a second set of x-rays taken in different positions showed the cause of my neck problems- the radiologist found a healed fractured neck. I'm sure that comfrey helped with the heal of that fracture in the previous year.

Although the physical therapy in Milwaukee didn't help much, and I had basically been an invalid for over a year because of myofascitis, I finally found a chiropractor/cranial sacral therapist who fixed me up in a few weeks. Once again, I was saved by alternative medicine. I am now working full-time, and am gradually becoming more able to live my life as a normal person (I'm even able to do a few jumping jacks!).
I credit my recovery both to herbal medicine and chiropractic/cranial-sacral treatments. (In addition to the comfrey, replacing ibuprofen and darvocet with valerian root helped the pain better, and the valerian stopped the spasms which were spreading the myofascitis. Horsetail also helped with providing silica and selenium for soft tissue damage, etc.) If anything, traditional medicine only spread my myofascitis with their exercises, causing my muscles to spasm even more, thus tearing other soft tissues around them (this is how myofascitis spreads and eventually becomes fibromyalgia). Their pain killers/ antiinflammatories/ muscle relaxers made my body so toxic that I gained over 60 lbs. in one year, which is weight I still haven't lost - when I try to lose it, I get symptoms of system toxicity (headaches, dizziness...).

All the best,
Pam Rotella

S. officinale effective healer of connective tissue

I have used comfrey is many ways as an external oil in conjunction with emu. All the comfrey is purchased through "HerbPharm" who removes the harmful agents. It works remarkably well for the treatment of psoriasis and excema. I would really hate to see the use of comfrey to be regulated when it has so many applications. It is also known as the bone knitter. Used with emu oil I have found this to be true. We need our choices as to the fate of our bodies. They are ours.


S. officinale useful in treating fractures, and other injuries.

We use Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue & Bone containing comfrey at our house almost every day. We put it on wounds, scars, varicose veins, skin problems and hernia's in its ointment form. My children take the capsules in large quantities when they injure themselves or break a bone. After an accident last year that scraped one son up pretty bad, he took an herbal bath in Complete Tissue & Bone. I have to keep it handy all the time because a couple of my children refuse to go to scout camp, girls camp or on a trip without having a bottle of capsules handy in case they have an injury. They know how fast they will heal if they have this great product. They also know that it will save them a trip to the doctor. We use the ointment instead of stitches. The tea and capsules instead of a cast for breaks, and to help with sprains. My son Jordan has learned that if he used Complete Tissue & Bone properly, a sports injury will not keep him out of the next game. He had a bad goalie take out his knee in a soccer game last year and we were afraid that he may need medical help. He refused to go to the doctor and started taking large quantities of Complete Tissue & Bone. The coach just couldn't believe it when I said he could play in the game the next Saturday.

Natalie S. Petereit, MH

S. officinale effective for soft tissue damage.

I would hate to see the government decide to make you change the formulas with comfrey in it, just because someone, somewhere along the way didn't use prudence and wisdom and abused the use of comfrey. My experiences and my family's experiences have been numerable with products containing comfrey and not once have we had a problem.

My husband and I have been using the Herbal Tooth Powder for over a year now and have had great success. I had a tooth that was causing me a great deal of trouble and I was afraid I would have to have it taken out. Since using the powder I have been able to keep it and the sensitivity has almost disappeared completely. My dentist says my teeth & gums look great and healthy.

My husband had a bad cold that went into his chest and developed a cough we could not seem to get rid of. He took the Resp-free and within a week his cough was gone and his lungs were back to normal. We use the Resp-free now whenever someone in the family gets a chest cold and it helps the body repair itself.

Complete Tissue & Bone has been a great blessing in our home. I sliced the top of my knuckle off and used Complete Tissue & Bone ointment on it and within 1 week the skin had healed and I was able to use my thumb again. My daughter (who is a piano performance major in college) jammed her finger while playing volleyball and needed to be healed quickly due to her need for practice. We soaked the finger in comfrey "tea" and alternated with ice cold water. After a couple of hours we put a poultice of Complete Tissue & Bone around the finger and by morning she had complete use of her finger. This same daughter also developed an irritation in her wrist (similar to carpal tunnel syndrome) from her 4-6 hours of practice a day. We got a brace and started using theComplete Tissue & BoneC ointment on her wrist and she has no problems with her wrist now.

Our family also uses Calc-Tea and Anti-plague with great success, also. Many skeptics will say that the successes we have had with these products is due to the treatments and time, not due to comfrey. But I know what works for my family and I have seen the healing take place. We have never had any problems with any of these products and I would hate to see the formulas change just because someone used comfrey unwisely. The Dr. Christopher products are safe and I am secure in this knowledge, from my own studies with herbs and from personal and family use.

Karen Thomas
Kempner, TX

S. officinale used without side effects

I have used the comfrey burn paste on some serious steam burns, with no scarring, and it took the pain out almost immediately!! I also use it regularly in many of my formulas with no negative results what-so-ever!! Get a life people and leave god' gifts to mankind alone. If it weren't for comfrey and many other herbs I wouldn't be here today!

Vicki Morrison

Comfrey effective treatment for tissue damage:

We have had only positive experiences with comfrey combinations.

When I did my thesis for my Master Herbalist Certificate I did it on Comfrey because of the experiences we had.

Early one morning about 4 years ago our son brought our grandson over with his hand wrapped in a towel. Our grandson (about age 2) had gotten a hold of a steak knife and had cut the end of his finger so that only the nail was holding the tip to the finger. We packed the cut with Complete Tissue & Bone ointment and bandaged it tightly. They left the bandage on for 2 days without disturbing it and when they took it off the skin had sealed up and there was just a pink line where the cut had been. They covered it with more Complete Tissue & Bone and bandaged it again. It was totally healed without a scar within a week. Our grand kids now call Complete Tissue & Bone ointment "glue" because of how well it heals their cuts and scrapes. We used Complete Tissue & Bone fomentations externally and tea internally over a period of a few months to successfully heal a hernia.

Anti-plague has stopped many a cold from becoming a problem. We have used comfrey leaves as the basis for a morning green drink and it only made us feel better. We feel that the most important herbs to have for emergencies are comfrey and cayenne.

Margaret Thompson
West Valley City, UT

S. officinale effectively used to treat cornea tear.

I have grown up knowing that Comfrey, left to grow underneath the wire mesh bottom of rabbits cages keeps these highly cold-sensitive animals free from this problem, they eat it as it grows into the cage. I also lived in TX hill country when my children were very small. Allergies, resulting in sinus infections, were common. I used to make a tea from the Comfrey I grew that helped me keep them in better health. These may be 'simple' uses, but effective. And my grandmother would be amazed if she thought our government had come to the point of 'regulating' the things she taught me - her herb garden was a source of healing, tasty delights and family time pleasures, for me.

I am sorry to hear that our government has so many lobbyists and special interests that they want to regulate anything that they're not making money (or paying) on and depriving us of our rights to make choices for ourselves.

Sally Rumpf

I just happen to have a great testimony for the use of Complete Tissue & Bone! 3 Days after my youngest son's graduation, he and a friend were horsing around in the back seat of the car. When they imitated the 3 stooges fingers in the eye deal the friend got my son in the eye and took a gouge out of his cornea...
I tried Complete Tissue & Bone. I was able to get some close to home at a health food store. Anyway, I did compresses for my son and also gave him 3 capsules 5 times a day. The eye was completely healed within 3 days!!!

I also did take him to an eye specialist who was amazed at how quickly the eye had healed. From no vision to 20/20 in 3 days!! That did not come from patching the eye alone or the anti inflammatory drops that we were made to use, it was the Complete Tissue & Bone no doubt.

Have a GREAT day!
Dori Polnack

S. officinale use to treat insect bites:

I've used Comfrey successfully to treat insect bites on my daughter's legs. I simply put dried Comfrey into my coffee-maker, made a few pots and added this to my daughter's bath water. Nothing else had worked..and she was surprised that the herbs helped, but she admitted that they, indeed, did the job.

R. Barfield

S. officinale effective treatment for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, used in large amount without side effect:

This communication is from ROBERT N. HUMASON, presently one of your Master Herbalist curricula students in Fresno, California. I have also been heavily involved in wellness through proper natural nutritional dietary choices since 1958. It is through your school of herbology presently undergoing that I found a natural ally healing herbs to compliment all those years

of emphasis on choosing proper raw, natural foods and beverages. As to your need for realtime experiences with Comfrey, specifically, I herewith offer both my own as well as my wife's actual healing experiences with this wonderful herb:

My wife, Phyllis Humason, had developed a chronic right-arm syndrome involving Carpel (Tunnel) of the right wrist and pain thereto, elbow nerve pain, and right shoulder joint, very painful discomfort and therefore limited motion. (Ironically, nothing in my "tool chest" of 42 years of nutritional knowledge seemed to remove what I've just described here, I say with some embarrassment). She had this problem for the last several years, but with much intensity for two years minimum. It was last August 1999 when I began your herbology studies that I discovered and learned sufficiently about Comfrey and the Christopher products incorporating Comfrey within their formulation. My wife began using CALC-TEA for its organic calcium as well as for the mechanisms of removing inorganic deposits. She began applying Complete Tissue & Bone Ointment on all painful areas. She began ingesting Complete Tissue & Bone Syrup. Today, and for quite some months, she has been totally free of all symptoms in all sites of her right arm. While we certainly ascribe considerable worth to our ongoing dietary choices, we have POSITIVE evidence that

Christopher's CALC-TEA, Complete Tissue & Bone OINTMENT, & Complete Tissue & Bone SYRUP were responsible for symptom relief within a period no longer than 3 months. Yes, by abstinence from animal meat (as my own ongoing studies proved was overly acid and harmful for the human organism) starting a few years back, my wife's challenge in the Carpel site was waning, but I fully believe the RATE at which remediation occurred AFTER BEGINNING the Christopher products listed herein was the key to full confidence these products were highly instrumental in her purest of comfort and arm motion today. We can say without reservation that Comfrey played a vital role in the processes of this relief. My wife has absolutely NO adverse reactions from using Comfrey.

For all my 43 years in natural health, I still find it very difficult to understand why (our?) American government continues to hassle natural herbs and foods when 100% of ALL American approved medications are TOXIC to the human organism!

As to my own personal experiences, I take CALC-TEA regularly also. My reason is rather differently. We have our residence on a large semirural property with our own water well and pump. Our water is very hard and inorganic calcium buildups are very pronounced. However, I wasn't as "hep" about steam distilled water as your Dr. Christopher, but in taking your herbalist program of studies, there was no doubt that I should have been using steam distilled water for all the 28 years at this same home site. The long and short of this is that for the past 2 or 3 years, my blood pressure had risen higher than the traditional specifications, but yet in the "borderline" limits. From your school, I learned of the natural chelation characteristics of CALC-TEA's organic calcium, and I find my BP moving back to normal. While certainly it is the organic calcium that has such a good effect, it is Comfrey which synergizes the formula to react favorably. I also have used successfully with POSITIVE indications that it is/was Comfrey at the helm when I applied fresh, raw leaf of Comfrey from my own garden to raw, just done, wounds from working on our small "farm." Woundhealing almost in the wording of "miracle" occurred in every case. I have also used the bulk cut Comfrey from Christopher's for incidental burns and wounds on my own body. We genuinely feel that Comfrey leaves NO QUESTION that its use is beneficial however it is applied.

Years of S. officinale use without side effect:

I have been studying and using herbs for 7 years and I am a student of the School of Natural Healing. I have used the following products which have comfrey in it with absolutely no side effects. I have used CalcT, BFC, and herbal tooth powder. I have had no bad experiences. Only good ones that have provided relief and healing effects of these products. I have recommended these products to other people who would not live without them. The CalcT is especially good. My sisterinlaw will not live without this formula as it relieves the pains she has in her legs! The herbal tooth powder has stopped bleeding and inflammation of the gums for my husband. I had a sensitive area on my gums from a receding gum that is no longer sensitive due to the use of the tooth powder. My parents use the tooth powder and feel that their teeth are cleaner than when they used toothpaste. The BFC ointment is the best. It has cured my father's middle finger that always locked in place. Now it moves freely. I use the BFC ointment on my husbands lower spine and it has helped the stiffness from a little arthritis. I have used the BFC on all kinds of skin ailments with great success. I have used it on incisions and scars and they disappeared or diminished.

Seven years ago as I just started to learn about herbs, the sales women in the health food store took some time to explain her experiences to me. She told me that she had used comfrey and lobelia for years (even when she was told they were toxic). She said they never had a bad effect on her and she was healthier now than before. These herbs helped her and she still recommends them. If I can get her testimony in writing, I will send it to you.

I hopes this helps. Regards,
Pauline Esposito
Port Washington, NY

S. officinale effective treatment for “bunions” and insect stings:

I have had trouble with a bunion for many years and recently the pain moved to the area on the bottom of my foot below my toes. The pain was such that I could barely walk on it. I began using the "Herbal Calcium" formula in a dosage of 1 tsp. twice a day. In about three weeks the pain is completely gone and I have no trouble walking. I also use fresh comfrey leaves for any bee or ant sting. I simply chew a small portion of the leaf and apply to the sting and the poison is immediately drawn out and no pain or redness left.

Thanks for listening to my great results with comfrey.

Susan Williams
Gulf Breeze, FL

S. officinale used on fractures and sprains:

I am writing to inform you of my latest experience with Comfrey. A friend of mine had accidently walked into the corner of a piece of furniture and seriously injured her little toe. She and her husband were visiting and she showed me her foot, and asked if there was anything I could recommend she could use, because at this point she could not get on a pair of shoes, and had to sit with the foot up, because it was throbbing. I made a strong tea of Comfrey, Mullein, and Horsetail, and sent her home with instructions on how to use it. She said he didn't make a poultice, but just dabbed the tea repeatedly on the toe. She called the next day because she couldn't believe how fast her toe had healed. Within 24 hours, the swelling and discoloration was gone! She was so impressed she showed everyone at her work her foot, the next day!! Needless to say she was very happy, and has showed no ill effects from using Comfrey. I have also used it on my son's foot, that he sprained and could not return to work. He healed within 48 hours and was able to return to work , as a restaurant server, who must stand all night! He also had no ill effects. Each of the teas were made with dried bulk herbs from a local herb shop.

Cindy Osborn
Mesa, AZ

S. officinale used on fractures, hives, and lung problems without side effect:

My family has grown and used comfrey for generations. I keep several plants in my yard and many time neighbors have come to "raid" my plants to use on broken toes, cracked ribs, as a tea for hives, etc. My self and a grandchild have asthma problems and have found the use of comfrey, mullein and garlic a lifesaver. Not only does it help expel the mucus, I actually use my prescribed inhaler only a couple of times a week instead of several times a day when I use this formula regularly.

Several years ago the USDA banned comfrey and it was removed from some formulas I bought at the health food store. There was a definite difference in the results I received and I stopped buying the formulas and had to make them myself. At that time it was stated that comfrey was banned because there were some suspicious deaths and the people or persons had been using comfrey as a tea. My many have died from using aspirin and it is still on the market.

I hope this helps.
Cynthia Troutman

S. officinale used for pain relief

She went to a radiologist who diagnosed her with osteoporosis problems. All of a sudden, the osteoporosis got very painful in her foot. She put up with that for about 3 weeks. Two days of using the Complete Tissue & Bone relieved the pain.

Ethel Kurihara
Aiea, HI

S. officinale used on mole and other skin problems

Evelyn MacDonald from Valley Stream, NY called with this success story on Complete Tissue & Bone Oil.
She used Complete Tissue & Bone Oil on flaky areas -- pre-skin cancers. They were completely diminished by using Complete Tissue & Bone Oil 3 out of 5 days for 2 months. She also tried the Complete Tissue & Bone Oil on a mole. She first tried the black ointment and it made the area large and inflamed. They then used the Complete Tissue & Bone Oil and greatly reduced the mole.

S. officinale used for joint problems

Barbara, from Boca Raton, Florida
She had joint lock in her shoulder. She took 1 tsp of Herbal Calcium and 15 capsules of Complete Tissue & Bone daily. She was also on a Cucumber and Celery Juice diet.
In one week she had full range of motion.

S. officinale used to treat bone spurs with out side effects:

My daughter of twelve developed a spur in the base of her thumb around two years old and could never straighten her thumb out. We were told by the orthopedic surgeon to leave it alone and that surgery was to risky for the possibility of total nerve damage. About a year ago we heard about the Herb Shop and were encouraged to soak her hand in Herbal Calcium and vinegar and then we put Complete Tissue & Bone ointment and Deep Heating Balm on. Next we wrapped her hand in gauze and covered that with a cotton glove. We did this procedure day and night. She also took Complete Tissue & Bone capsules. It took approximately one month for the spur to dissipate and she can straighten out her thumb completely.
Thank you so much for two wonderful products.

S. officinale used without side effects

February 7, 1984

Dear Mr. Christopher:
I have found great relief by taking Dr. Christopher's calcium formula and thyroid formula through the night which was recommended in his “How Important is Calcium” newsletter. I have recommended this treatment to others and to my mother and they all have found it helps their insomnia also.

Thanks for your help, again.
Anne Richards
Williston, ND

S. officinale use to increase hair growth

NOVEMBER 7, 1996
Meg Feinauer of Orem Utah (291 170N) said her hair wouldn't grow past her shoulders (5 yrs).
Started taking Herbal Calcium regularly after 6 months it grew 4-5 inches.

"Natural Healing with Herbs for a Healthier You"