Eye Ailments

Any problem affecting the eyes such as glaucoma, cataracts, poor vision, conjunctivitis, etc.


Sty: Inflammation of one or more of the sebaceous glands of the eyelids. Painful and swollen eyelids. [HHH p.114]

Sty: Toxic poison accumulation. [HHH p.114] , conjunctivitis, foreign particle, poor vision, cataracts, glaucoma.

Herbal Aids:

Sty: Apply a hot fomentation of strong sarsaparilla tea over the eye. [SNH p.84]

Ophthalmic (sore eye, inflammation of the eye). See formula using raspberry, agrimony, eyebright and buckbean. [SNH p.148]

Ophthalmia, Eye Inflammation: Apply the compound oil to the eye on cotton using formula of oil or rue and olive oil. [SNH p.298]

Herbal Eyewash: (Herbal Eyebright) This formula is excellent for helping to brighten and heal the eyes, and it is known to help remove the cataracts and heavy film from the eyes. See formula using bayberry, cayenne, eyebright, golden seal and red raspberry leaves. [SNH p.525]

Sty: Place a fomentation of mullein leaves, red raspberry leaves, golden seal, slippery elm, lobelia and marshmallow root over the eye. Apply for one hour each, a fresh application three or more times a day, or leave on all night, until healed. [HHH p.114]

Herbal Eyebright: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eye-Health Formula:  This formula is excellent for helping to brighten and heal the eyes, and it is known to remove the cataracts and heavy film from the eyes: Make tea and put into a glass eye cup. There will be a slight burning sensation when using the cayenne in the eye at first, but there is nothing to be concerned about. Tip head back and apply the eye cup to eye. Exercise eye while doing this as though you were swimming under water. Do this three to six times a day. Drink 1/2 cup a.m. and p.m. This formula has aided many sty cases. [HHH p.114]

Baby Clogged Eye Duct: If your baby has an eye infection which is not gonorrheal you can suspect a plugged tear duct. Many mothers gently massage the area and/or wash it with eyebright and golden seal tea, which sometimes helps open the duct. If it doesn't open after a couple of months, you may wish to go to a good eye doctor for surgical opening of the duct. [EWH p.88]

Conjunctivitis: Some babies--and children--get pinkeye or conjunctivitis. To treat this eye infection a warm pack of chickweed or teas of red raspberry leaf or eyebright and golden seal, meticulously strained through sterile muslin, can be used to wash the eye. Some midwives suggest flooding the eyes with mother's milk, which contains antibodies. I have tried this with my seven-year-old, who had caught a neighborhood infection of pinkeye. I flooded his eyes with my milk several times a day, and his infection cleared up fast. He thought it was pretty funny, too. [EWH p.88]

Foreign Particles: If you get a foreign particle in your eye, or if your eyes become red and irritated, you can wash them either with Dr. Christopher's Eyewash, being sure to strain the tea carefully through a fine, clean cotton cloth, or a simple tea of red raspberry leaves. These teas help astringe and heal the irritated surface. [EWH p.168]

Is There a Natural Way to Remove Scar Tissue From the Cornea of the Eye Caused by Viral Infection (Herpes Simplex)? Answer: To work on the scar tissue in the eye which results from such an infection one needs to use Dr. Christopher's eyewash combination [Herbal Eyebright].

This formula should be made into a tea. Using a glass eye cup wash the eye thoroughly. You will notice a slight burning sensation when you first apply the tea. This results from the cayenne in the combination. Do not be alarmed for this is a perfectly normal reaction and is harmless.

With the head thrown back and the cup in place over the eye, exercise the eye muscles as you might if you were swimming under water. Do this in the morning and at night or more frequently if you desire.

The Herpes simplex of course must be cleaned from the system by proper diet and the use of a good purifying tea. Three times each day drink a cup of burdock root tea (Arctium lappa). Continue taking this tea for six days a week for a period of six weeks. After six weeks change this infusion to an Ephedra herb tea (also known as Brigham tea, desert herb or Mormon tea). Take the Ephedra tea again for six days of each week for another six week period. You will continue rotating the different teas at six week intervals. To every cup of tea that you take add six to ten drops of tincture of lobelia. Also take three fifteen grain chaparral tablets along with each cup of tea. [NL 1-3]

Is There Any Help for Eye Muscle Degeneration? Answer: The herbs in the eye wash combination which I recommend as one of cell-proliferation. They have a special affinity for feeding the cell structures around the eyes themselves. One of the herbs was named "eyebright" many years ago, because people discovered the fact that this herb was helpful for ailing eyes. Each of the other herbs in this combination has its own way of helping improve the eye. These herbs are chosen as a good food for strengthening and rebuilding of the muscles in the eyes. [NL 1-7]

"I Have Been Using the Herbal Eyebright for Several Months Now. I have followed the instructions exactly. Is there anything else I can do to help speed this along?" Answer: In order for any herbal combination to be effective, the body must be in good working condition. This would include using the lower bowel combination [Lower Bowel] and strictly following the mucusless diet. In addition it is also important to improve the circulation to the head area. This can be accomplished by laying your head down on a slant board each day. Gradually work up to 20 minutes twice a day. There is also a tendency for the eyesight to seem to worsen for a while. This is due to the toxins being released from the system and coming to the surface of the eye to be washed away. This also indicates that the lower bowel formula [Lower Bowel] should be used as a means for keeping the eliminative channels open. [NL 3-10]

Cayenne and the Eyes: Dr. Christopher related the humorous story of a very fine student of his who had begun teaching herb classes on his own. This young man happened to precede Dr. Christopher's lecture one evening in Arizona. The young man said, "You know, ladies and gentlemen, that Dr. Christopher has always made me gasp. I've seen him drink two or three tablespoons of Cayenne in water--and I'd just shudder. But tonight I'm going to do something that he may have never done himself." With that, he reached down into a container of Cayenne and threw a pinch right into his eye. Dr. Christopher thought that the man must have gone crazy and he was concerned that one of his students would do such a thing in public, although he knew that Cayenne can never hurt the cell structure, no matter how delicate it is. The tears ran down the man's cheek as he continued talking, and when he was finished, he opened his eye and invited everyone to look. The eye just sparkled; it was by far the brighter of the two, although Dr. Christopher said that he never had seen this antic performed again--and that he never dared to try it himself! [NL 6-3]

Near-Sightedness and Far-Sightedness with Herbal Eyebright: Dr. Christopher said that, oddly enough, it took longer to correct near-sightedness and far-sightedness than blindness or cataracts or glaucoma. [NL 6-8]


1. Carrot Juice: A young man came to us wanting help. He wanted to become an Air Force Pilot with the government but was turned down because of bad eyesight. He had passed everything else with high grades, but the answer was still "no," because of poor eyesight. When he asked the medical doctor if he could try again later, he was laughed at and told this condition could not be changed. He persisted and so was given a three-months return date. We had him "clean his bowels," go on the mucusless diet after the three-day cleanse, and then drink one quart or more of freshly-made carrot juice each day, six days each week. He was to use nothing but distilled water on the seventh day. In three months he returned for another eye examination at the Air Force Agency, and this time was given the approval with a "clean bill of health" and "good eyesight." [HHH p.66]

2. Vision Restored: Dr. Christopher was sitting in his office in Evanston, Wyoming one day, and in walked an elderly, white-haired woman with a little child leading her. The woman was completely blind, and the little child brought her right up to the desk. The woman said she had been blind for over ten years, not able to see anything, using a child or a seeing-eye dog to find her way around. Lately she had heard about Dr. Christopher's eyebright formula and wanted to know if it could help her. Dr. Christopher could not promise her anything, but he said it had done much good and never any harm. He told her about the mucusless diet, because everything works better when you have a cleaner body, and she began the eyewash formula [Herbal Eyebright]. She kept visiting Dr. Christopher regularly, and he gave her adjustments and other therapies.

One day, she came into the waiting room and into the office, without a seeing eye dog or child. She smiled and said, "Hello Doctor." This was the first time, she said, that she knew what he looked like--just like she had pictured him, she said. She had her eyesight back, truly thrilled, because for ten years she had been walking in a blind world.

"I want to show you how my eyes have healed," she said. She walked over and picked up a book off his desk and read the title on the outside. She opened the book and read several verses.

Dr. Christopher commented that most blind people feel hopeless, but there is hope. Thousands have had their eyesight improved with the eyewash routine, which is one part each bayberry bark, eyebright hub, golden seal root, red raspberry leaves, and 1/8 part cayenne. Make a tea and use as under "Formulas."

When people become blind from cataracts, glaucoma, near- or far-sightedness, there are no two cases alike. Not everyone can be cured, Dr. Christopher stressed. A brother-in-law of his had a torn retina, and the program could not help him at all. Even medical science could do nothing. He had laser beam treatments and other things, but without success. But others who had had the same condition have been healed. Some people who have been born blind have been able to see. Two adults and one infant the Dr. Christopher recalls were born blind, and were later able to see, thanks to this program. [EWH p.131]

3. Cataracts Disappear: A lady with cataracts had been blind for a number of years, and yet in nine days she had her full sight back. This astounded Dr. Christopher, for it to have happened so fast. Other people go on the program for as long as three years, and though they then can see better than before, they have not been completely healed. Others clear in a matter of months--it varies with the individual. [EWH p.132]

4. Dry Eyes and Cataracts: I have had bad eye trouble for two or three years. The beginning of cataracts on both eyes, I had the jel break in both eyes--at that time my eyes were so terribly dry that I would have to lift the eyelids off my eyes in the morning with my fingers. My vision was getting real bad. I have been taking exercises for my eyes, using the eye wash and taking the Eye Wash Formula [Herbal Eyebright]. My eyes are much, much improved. I am positive that the cataracts will be completely dissolved. Thank God for you and the wonderful work you are doing. [NL 1-7]

5. Cataracts, Glaucoma and Bad Vision: I was diagnosed as having a fast growing cataract in my right eye and a build-up of pressure in both eyes causing glaucoma. I then found in Newsletter #19 all about Herbal Eyewash [Herbal Eyebright] and capsules, which I ordered and received on November 4. I immediately started using both three times a day--with marvelous results. Within three days I could see through my new glasses, bi-focals. I hadn't been able to since I got the new glasses which had stronger vision for distance and weaker bi-focals. So I had to change to my old glasses for my bookkeeping work and the new ones for driving. Suddenly I realized I forgot to change them when I sat down at my desk at my office (because I was seeing figures perfectly, I had forgotten I had them on). Then within two weeks I suddenly realized I could see much farther with the bad eye with the cataract, when I could not see with it at all before. All along small pieces of mucus is coming out of my eyes many times daily. Before using eyewash, I couldn't stand driving after dark as the car headlights, tail lights, signal lights and street lights all had huge halos around them of flashing red, yellow and green, very scary. So I had to be very careful not to leave my office so I would get home after dark. Now the halos have disappeared and I see only a tail on each light which I think looks like only a small part of a halo and I take that to mean my eyes are improving. I am very happy with continuing improvement and have full confidence that my cataract and glaucoma will be cured. I have started two friends using it too, and they both tell me they are having good improvements too. Neither have cataracts or glaucoma, but they do have weak eyes and wear glasses. [NL 1-7]

6. Vision Improves: I started the Eyebright formula treatment [Herbal Eyebright]... TWO WEEKS AGO. My vision has improved immensely, needless to say my first few days of treatment were rather hectic, but as I read the doctor's answers to questions in the Healthview letters, I was encouraged to go on. I bought the herbal eye-wash powder so it was necessary for me to strain it as I made it each morning. In preparation I had bought a box of filter drip coffee filters rather than using the gauze. When I poured the tea through the filter, it plugged up almost immediately. So the next morning, I put a teaspoon of the powdered tea in the filter, tied it shut with a twistum, thus making a tea bag. Bring the cup of distilled water to a boil with the tea bag in it. Let it stand until it cools. Works beautiful. No fuss no muss. Someone else has probably already thought of this method. I'll write you more as it progresses. [NL 1-12]

7. Subretinal Hemorrhage: My right eye went bad last January, diagnosed as "subretinal hemorrhage" which left me with probably 20-30% vision. Since using Eyebright Comb. [Herbal Eyebright], I now have 70 or 80% vision. Miracle Medicines-God's wonderful herbs. [NL 1-12]

8. Glaucoma Disappears: I have a friend who had had eight major surgeries. She lived in constant pain, very seldom was she able to go places and her physician had told her their was nothing more they could do.

She went on Dr. John R. Christophers "Three Day Cleansing Program" and Dr. John R. Christophers "Mucusless Diet". She started on herbs to cleanse the colon, [Lower Bowel] the blood [Blood Stream Formula] Cayenne, Herbal Calcium, Yucca AR, Herbal Eyebright, etc. In a matter of about three weeks, her pain was gone. She was able to start living again. In about 3 or 4 months her arthritis left her.
She had had glaucoma for 13 years. Her glaucoma medicine was making her ill, so she went to her eye specialist. He tested her and said there is not even a trace of glaucoma left. There is virtually no cure for glaucoma, how did you do it. Her reply was thru herbs and diet. She was told whatever it is, don't stop it. He took her off her glaucoma medication, and a special pair of glasses. She now tells me her eyes have improved so much that she can now watch TV without glasses, which she never before had done. She started on this program less than a year ago. Her dark brown eyes are now turning green. She has a ways yet to go, but she is really living again. She is a composer and this past holiday season, had a Christmas Album published. [NL 2-2]

9. Eye Pain: The eyebright combination [Herbal Eyebright] has brought good results for a very severe pain behind one eye. (I have had this for over two years and the doctors have been unable to find the cause). [NL 2-2]

10. Pressure in Eyes: I just want to make a statement about the eye wash [Herbal Eyebright] I ordered in Oct. I have Glaucoma have had since 1972 - they claimed I came to the Dr. in time, as I hadn't had it very long. I had my usual 4 month ck. up Sept. 25 - 1979 Just a while after the ck. up I rec'd the eye wash. and immediately begin using it as directions stated, and was soon getting wonderful results, was called to my daughter's bedside in Houston Nov. 1st, 1979 carried my eye wash with me. and I used it regularly, came home Dec. 26 -1979 still using my eyewash, by this time I had eliminated all my eye drops-(I was using 3 kinds) except twice a day on the latest drops. On Jan. 25 1980 my 4 months was up - time to go to the eye Dr. again for my ck. up - something happened my appointment had to be changed to Feb. 5th 1980 So on the 5th of Feb. when the eye Doctor tested me for reading the chart on the wall - he only took a minute he said that's o.k. and moved on to the field test I was able to do that so well, he quit that quickly also. Then he dilated my eyes & said you sit there 10 mins. I'll be back by then & I can't do anything till then anyway. So exactly in 10 minutes he was back and he took the pressure in my eyes & said NOTHING And there he took my blood pressure & still said nothing, so I asked if my blood pressure was o.k., he said yes, good very good 140/80 couldn't be better.

Then I said there wasn't any pressure in my eyes either was there? he flashed his eyes on me quickly & said No, none whatever, How did you know? I laughed & said Dr. I can tell when there is pressure in my eyes or when there isn't any. He said you are a very prudent women, and your doing so well I don't think its necessary for you to come back for 6 months, If at any time in between the 6 months & now anything out of the ordinary should happen give me a call, I'll give you an appointment so that's how much your wonderful eye wash has helped me. its the 1st time since 1972 I have been clear of pressure in my eyes. Thanks to you. [NL 2-2]

11. Vision Restored in Only Remaining Eye: I am a firm believer in Herbs for better health. I first heard about Dr. Christopher's Natural Herbal Formulas thru the Healthview Newsletter several years ago, and, I might add have had wonderful results from Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eye wash [Herbal Eyebright] - even tho my ophthalmologist laughed when I mentioned it to him and stated it as quackery.
I have only one eye, and, the remaining had cataract removal with an inter-ocular lens inserted - still my vision was poor - reading about your Herbal Eyewash gave me hope - my ophthalmologist's's statement did not deter my desire to try it even tho I was cautioned about possible injury to my only left eye.

I only use the eye wash once each day - when retiring for the night. The burning is rough, but, the results are gratifying. I go see my ophthalmologist's once every 6 months. My last visit was May 14,1980 - after my eye examination my ophthalmologist said, "Holy Hell, Bill, your eye examination is going backwards" - I knew what he meant, but I thought I would ask -'What do you mean, backwards?' - "Why you need less stronger glasses. You only missed 3 letters on the bottom line - and the bottom line is 20-20 eye vision." So you see I am sold on Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyewash [Herbal Eyebright] [NL 2-3]

12. Baby Born Blind Sees: A young couple came up to the podium after one of my lectures to find if it had been a "slip of the tongue" or did I actually mean a statement I had made, namely, "There are no incurable diseases, only incurable patients." My answer was "Yes, this is correct." A diseased or malfunctioning condition of the body can usually be made whole again, if the program is followed faithfully.

The question was then asked me, "We know of cases wherein eyesight has been restored (one individual we know had their sight restored) but how about our little child?" This small toddler was born blind. Medical science tells us that the child was born without any optic nerves. The baby, according to them, will remain blind all of its life, as there is no way man knows of giving sight to one who was born without the optic nerve. It would be like telling a person to listen to beautiful music, yet born without hearing organs, or for one to run when born without legs.

With pleading in their voices, they asked if I believed the child could see. I told the parents that up until this time, I had never seen an infant born blind receive vision, but have had reports on several others who had been born blind, and receive their sight later on in life, such as in their twenties.

The advice given to this couple was as follows: I can guarantee nothing, as it is a new problem to me, but if you will apply our "eyebright formula" [Herbal Eyebright] as external application, give the child some of this formula to drink, as well, and then several times a day, give orally (by mouth) and also put into the ears the formula we call our Ear & Nerve Formula. This procedure they were told, can do no harm in any way, but are made from good herbal foods for the areas mentioned and therefore, can do nothing but good. (Remember, the baby they told me about was an infant at the crawling stage, and had been pronounced by eye doctors "legally blind").

Just about six months later, in another state, just before going out to the podium, as assistant who was traveling with me came back stage where I was sitting and told me a lady asked to say a few words to me before the lecture started. They had explained to her that I had a question and answer period toward the end of the evening and she could ask any question of me at that time. But she insisted she must talk to me first, and she knew I would appreciate hearing what she had to say. And was I ever pleased to find out who she was. She had tears of joy in her eyes when she told me about the little "now toddling" child she and her husband had brought to me earlier. He was now able to follow a rolling ball across the floor and pick it up. He could now even see and pick up small colored bits of paper that had been scattered around the room!
We have here the case of a child born blind who would be able to see the wonders of sight that most of us just take for granted. [NL 2-8]

13. Eighty-Two Year Old Get Drivers License: "I began using Dr. Christopher's herbal eyewash [Herbal Eyebright] after getting the Healthview Newsletter. In a few weeks I could read fine print without glasses, even though two years ago I had been told I had cataracts on both eyes.

I had them tested again in January, and the cataract on my right eye was gone. The doctor OK'd the paper for my driver's license. I am eighty-two." [NL 2-8]

14. Takes Off Glasses Worn 40 Years Never To Put Them On Again: "Healthview interviews have cleared up the fine line between true or false, good and evil for me. I love being brainwashed as long as it's good or true. In less than 3 months, thanks to Dr. Christopher, I received my best Christmas present ever. On December 23rd 1978, after using eyewash since 10-10-78, 5 to 8 times daily and enjoying it burning and running down my face, I took off my glasses after 40 plus years, never to put them on again. When I looked in the telephone book and realized I could see names and numbers, I started calling some friends. They had said that when I started using Dr. Christopher's eye mix with cayenne [Herbal Eyebright], that within 4 months, if I was not blind using a white stick and a lead dog, they would consider using it also. Already, five have started. This time I cannot say thank you, but I sure can say thank you to Healthview for allowing as my Savior said many times, those with ears let them hear. Praise God and I believe that Jesus has already proved what Dr. Christopher said: "there are no incurable diseases, but many incurable people." I am 68 years old and on 10-21-78, when I had my glaucoma test ... the Dr. said ... no glaucoma but have your eyes treated soon. 1/10/79 the pus and mucus continues coming out in hunks and the more that comes out the better my eyes are." [NL 2-8]

15. Woman's Vision Improves: "Yes, that's what happened when I suggested to ten of my patients with chronic eye problems to try it, and see what happens.

By the way, one of them happens to be my own mother of 79, she was on the eyewash [Herbal Eyebright] and the capsule for three days and then left for Florida to visit her sister. Oh yes, she also has cataracts. Three others do also, but I must tell you about my mother. I called her in Florida about a week after she had left and asked her how her eyes were coming along, and she said to me I think I am going blind. Blind I said, what do you mean? Isn't your eyesight a little brighter at least? Oh yes, she replied, but sometimes I cannot read the paper at all and everything gets blurry and my eyes are always watering.

I asked her if she had taken her old glasses along with her, as I told her to do and she said yes. I said to her, lay the phone down and get them and a newspaper and come back to the phone which she did, but before she came back, I could hear her scream "I can see myself in the mirror". When she came back to the phone, she didn't bother to bring a newspaper with her, all I heard was that she could see herself clear in the mirror.

I told her before she left if there is a change in her eyesight to try one of her old glasses, which she forgot to do. Meantime, her eyes had gotten stronger and her present glasses were the wrong prescription.

Well, she sure knows now that she isn't going blind. [NL 2-8]

16. Cold Washrag Helps After Eyewash: I have been using Dr. John R. Christopher's eyewash [Herbal Eyebright] for seven going on eight weeks now. My eyes at first were so bad I couldn't even see my own face in the mirror clearly, without standing three inches from it. Now I can sit and watch TV and its clear across the room, and I can see clearly enough now, I can tell who the actors are! I also found at the beginning a cold washrag put to the eye, after it is washed, helps relieve the stinging. And it took me up to now to have any of my mucus or pus come out, and it pours out. I surely say it is worth every effort, because I know it works." [NL 2-8]

17. Floater Disappears: I have been using your Eyebright [Herbal Eyebright] 3-5 times daily. Before using eyebright, my lids hurt when I tried to open them in the morning. Now it does not take as long for the pain to vanish. This is a great help and comfort and I thank you. The "floater" in my left eye has vanished. [NL 2-8]

18. Sore and Tired Eyes No More: I received my first Eyebright [Herbal Eyebright] from your company on a Friday in October of 1979. My eyes were sore and really hurt. As I said the drops did not help me...OR THE NEW GLASSES. I washed my eyes out before retiring that Friday night. The next morning my eyes were glued shut with so much "crud" and dead cells. But as soon as I washed them again with Eyebright, they were not sore and I have not used an eye drop since. Saturday I washed them again. Sunday morning I sat at the kitchen table and I always call the weather. So I thought I would see if I could dial without my glasses. I have been wearing glasses since 1933. But I don't think I have been able to dial a phone without glasses for at least 25 to 30 years. Believe it or not, I dialed the phone without glasses. I work long hours in my lab. Sometimes from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., all under lights. My eyes are never sore anymore - or tired. After eight months I could not feel the Eyebright anymore, so I put two capsules in and I can hardly feel that. But I do not miss a day in washing my eyes. I used to have sore eyes after every family gathering due to the heavy smokers. (I do not smoke. I quit at sixteen.) I cured my own cataract and glaucoma, using B-15 as a helper. [NL 3-1]

19. Coloboma: Our daughter was born in 1973, with coloboma. We had three eye specialists look at her, but all said there was no operation or anything they could do for her. One doctor said she might see movements, but he did not think she would know what they were. She also has one eye that is smaller. Then I read the article in the Healthview Newsletter about the Herbal Eyewash [Herbal Eyebright]. So we ordered some and began. We had to use an eyedropper because of being for an infant. After three months she reached for a magazine while sitting on her daddy's lap. What a joy. Her progress continued, next she would move her head to follow close objects. She is now three years old. Loves to look at her books, go up and down stairs, feeds herself, runs, etc. Thank you. [NL 4-10]

Dr. Christopher's Program for Vision/Eyes

Herbal Combinations:

* Herbal Eyebright
* Sinus Plus


Herbal Eyebright; take 2 capsules or a cup of tea morning and night. Make a tea with this formula and wash eyes with the help of an eyecup. Repeat 3-6 times daily.

Sinus Plus; take 2 capsules three times a day. Sinus Plus extract; take 20-40 drops three times a day.

Single Herbs:

Eyebright Herb, Chamornile Flowers, Witch Hazel.


Follow Dr. John R. Christopher's "Mucusless Diet" and Dr. John R. Christopher's "Extended Herbal Cleanse" Routine.  Drink at least 32 oz. of distilled water a day.

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