"Natural Healing with Herbs for a Healthier You"
by Michelle D. Loftis
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There are different methods and preparations for application of Burdock or formulas containing Burdock. Decoction using 1 ¼ t. chopped or coarsely powdered root in 1 cup of water. The tincture is then administered in dosages of ½ to 1 t. up to three times per day. Three capsules of 475 mg each are taken three times per day. (Peirce, 123)

Burdock Plaster has been used in Oriental medicine for the treating of arthritic conditions and gout. A poultice of fresh burdock leaves are made by bruising them with a mortar and pestle, or other pounding implement, and then applying it to the affected area and covering it with a warm cloth. (Weiss, 320)

A recommendation by naturalist John Hutchings, for Cirrhosis of the Liver was to make a tea using equal parts of fenugreek seeds, crushed olive pits, dandelion, yellow dock, and burdock root. One-half teaspoon of each of these was to be simmered in one quart of water for 15 minutes and then covered and set aside to steep for another 15 minutes. Afterwards, the liquid is strained and taken five times daily. (Heinerman, 124)

In the mountainous highlands of Peru and Bolivia live the Quechua Indians. They have an herbal formula for relieving general body pain. It has to be taken as a hot infusion in order to work effectively. In one quart of hot water, combine one cup of mountain mullein leaves and flowers, one-half cup of coltsfoot leaves, one-half cup chopped burdock root, and one-quarter cup of juniper berries. Cover the pot with a lid and simmer over low heat for five minutes before setting aside to steep 20 minutes. Then strain and slowly sip one cup of hot tea on an empty stomach every four hours. Hot poultices of this tea applied to the body can also relieve pain. Precede this, however, by first rubbing into the muscles some oil of either peppermint or eucalyptus or Melaleuca. It will expedite relief more quickly once the hot tea has been ingested. (Heinerman, 275) “Mixed with catnip and made into a tea, burdock root is effective in clearing up stubborn kidney and gallstones. Bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Add 2 tablespoons of chopped or cut fresh or dried burdock root. Reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes. Remove from heat. Add 3 teaspoons chopped or cut fresh or dried catnip leaf, and let step for 1 ½ hours, then strain. For each cup, add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and ½ teaspoon pure maple syrup or blackstrap molasses (to sweeten). Drink slowly. Follow with 1 tablespoon pure olive oil 10 minutes later. Repeat this regimen three times a day. The tea helps to sooth irritated tissues, and helps to break up or partially dissolve the stones. The olive oil acts as a lubricant to expel them from the body more easily. Important to the success of this remedy; digest no greasy, fried foods, soft drinks, refined carbohydrates (such as white flour or white sugar products), red meat, or poultry during the course of this treatment.” (Natural Remedies…)

Basic dosage instructions can be found in many locations. The following were taken from the School of Natural Healing book, page 71, written by Dr. Christopher:

Decoction (root) 2 fluid ounces 3 to 4 times daily
Fluid extract ½ to 1 fluid teaspoon
Infusion (leaves) 1 teacupful, 3 to 4 times daily
Powder 2-4 grams (2-8 single 0 capsules at 500mg each)
Solid extract 325 gm to 1 gram
Tincture 30 to 60 drops (1/2 to1 fluid teaspoon), 3 to 4 times daily

Dr. Christopher taught those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism to use his formula for these conditions, which contain Burdock root in combination along with other valuable herbs. He recommended that one either take two capsules of this formula three times a day or to use hot fomentations of this formula, in tea form along with the Bone, Flesh, & Cartilage formula, and place it over the extremely painful and/or crippled areas.

For hay fever, sinus trouble, and allergies Dr. Christopher recommended his SHA Tea formula to be taken either 2 capsules or 20 to 40 drops of the glycerin based extract, three times a day or as often as needed. This “is an aid for clearing up the malfunctions of the sinuses. This is a natural aid that works as a decongestant and natural antihistamine to dry up the sinuses and expel from the head and bronchial-pulmonary tubes and passages the offending stoppage and mucus.” (Christopher, 584)

The Gonorrhea, gleet formula given in Dr. Christopher’s book states that preparation should be of cut or powdered herbs, placed in a tea cup, and hot boiling water poured over it until the cup is full. This should be covered and steeped. When steeping is complete, strain off herbs, sweeten, and drink. Adjust for larger quantities as needed. (Christopher, 106)

The preparation for Syphilis should be made by soaking the herbs for one hour, and then simmering them for 15 minutes. This preparation should be taken in quantities of two tablespoonfuls or more, three to four times a day. (Christopher, 82)