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Formulas and Dosages
The future for Comfrey looks grim, or at least mired in political controversy! I tried to obtain some bulk Comfrey root and leaf at my local health food store and they said that it had been discontinued. In fact, they only had 4 products in the entire store that contained Comfrey: three ointments for external application and one tincture, manufactured by the Herb Pharm, that claimed to have removed the PAs. For its dosage, the tincture recommends 30-40 drops in a little water, two to five times per day. The ointments say to apply externally only as needed. There is the Complete Tissue & Bone formula through the Dr. Christopher Herb Shop that contains Comfrey leaf. This is one of two products that I found that is intended for internal use. The recommended dose is two capsules three times daily as a support to promote healthy bone, flesh and cartilage function.

There were many more products containing Comfrey to be found online:

Sun Soaps carries four products, mainly ointments/gels, that contain Comfrey. These are for external applications.

Hilton Comfrey Compress sells just the compress which is produced using the best Comfrey extracts. It is available in two different sizes, sells mainly for use on horses, and can be cut to suit individual use. For external use only.

Comfrey Herbal Anti-inflammatory creme sells just this one Comfrey containing creme. It is for external use only.

Elizabeth's Essentials Comfrey Range sells fourteen products containing Comfrey, all of which are for external application only.

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