"Natural Healing with Herbs for a Healthier You"

by Melody Elaine Thomas
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A Tribal Tea, consisting of Jatoba, Una de gato, Tahari, Chanca Piedra (Chanca Piedra), Stevia, and Chuchuhuasi, is used by the Shipibo Medicine men to bring health and balance to the people who drink this tea daily.  Contributions due to Chanca Piedra likely include: enhancing the immune system, fighting urinary track problems, antiviral properties, lowering blood sugar levels to normal levels and high levels of antioxidants. 


A Fiber Formula consists of Psylium husk, Una de Gato, Hibiscus Flower, Artichoke Leaf, Licorice root, Quebra Pedra (Chanca Piedra), Fennugreek seed, Segao Palm, Flax seed, Camu Camu, Boldo, Jatoba, Slippery elm, Papaya, Oat bran, and Sandre de Drago.  This cleansing formula, which stimulates the release and removal of toxins, employs Chanca Piedra to help cleanse the kidneys, gallbladder and urinary track.


A Whole Body Tonic, consisting of Una de gato Pau d’arco, Suma, Tayuya, Fucus, Artichoke, Boldo, Star anise, Bitter orange, Pedra hume caa, Alfalfa, Horsetail, Marapuama, Catuaba, Carqueja, Quebra pedra (Chanca Piedra), Jerubeba, Yerba Mate, Cornsilk, Passion flower, Lemon Balm, Mulungu, Espinhiera santa, Lemon grass, Peppermint, Pata de vaca, Sarsaparilla, Jotoba, Chamomille, Stevia, Chuchuhuase, and Sangre de Grado, is used to support the whole body, especially the nervous system. Properties mentioned that Chanca Piedra likely contributes to include: antioxidant properties, improved immune function, blood sugar level balance, and detoxification of gallbladder.


An Environmental Detoxifying Combination, consisting of Jurubeba, Boldo, Artichoke, Quebra pedra (Chanca Piedra), Una de gato, and Alfalfa, is used to stimulate the body to release environmental toxins, helping to cleanse the liver, gallbladder and support of the spleen and kidneys.  Mentioned contributions likely due to Chanca Piedra include: lower cholesterol, stabilized blood sugar levels, helps heal urinary track infections, prevents and aids in recovery from hangovers, stimulates immune system and acts as a diuretic.


An herbal formula, made from mentally revitalizing herbs, from the Metagenics Company called Mentalin is used as a brain tonic.  The 16 herbs used (which include Chanca Piedra) have been found to influence central nervous system function, possess antioxidant properties, and promote positive mood, memory and intellect and to help relieve anxiety, in addition to inhibition of lipid peroxidation, nourishing of nervous system tissue and improving digestion to promote healthy mental function.  Chanca Piedra is known to possess antioxidant properties and interact with nervous function.


An Ayurvedic formulation, D-400 or Diabecon, which contains 32 herbs, including Phyllanthus amarus, has been proven to have hypoglycaemic activity in at least 26 studies scientific studies.


Another Ayurvedic formula, marketed in the USA, Uri-Flush, is advertised for the following: Supports Healthy Kidney Function, Helps Promote Healthy Urinary Tract, Supports Clear and Clean Urinary Tract, Revitalizes and Optimizes Many Body Functions.  Uri-Flush contains 13 ingredients, including Chanca Piedra (Bhui Amla).  “The function of these herbs in Ayuvedic text is natural support to kidney, bladder and urinary tract including…disintegrates stones in bladder and kidneys, promotes diuresis, facilitates the gravel to pass out with the flow of urine, relaxes the muscles of the urinary tract and relieves associated pains…” Although additional effects are listed (12 other herbs are present), these items are demonstrated medicinal effects of Chanca Piedra.


The herb sold singularly in the form of a tincture, extract, capsule and bulk.  I did run across a recipe used for weight loss:  Chanca Piedra and Cat’s Claw, are two herbs, when alternated on a weekly basis over a period of several months that can be helpful with weight loss. 

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