"Natural Healing with Herbs for a Healthier You"
by Gertrude Baldwin

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     Aloe vera takes time to fix ailments.  It may take up to three months for a person to see results.  Start your small dosage with a tsp. twice a day an hour before meals.  If you feel no adverse reactions, then double your dose until you slowly work up to 4 TBS  twice a day.  Some people like to take Aloe vera on an empty stomach but taking it before a meal may help with indigestion problems.  If your stools get too loose, then cut back on the amount of Aloe vera you are taking.

     Aloe vera is a gentle cleanser and purifier of the body causing detoxification to occur.  As it carries out toxins and waste, your body may react with aches, pains, rashes, tiredness, nausea, and headaches.  Hang in there, this is temporary results.  Diarrhea may occur for a day or two.  If your symptoms get too bad, cut back on the amount of Aloe vera you are taking and drink plenty of pure water.  Start over on a lower dose.  Constipation can be helped by taking more Aloe vera daily.  Always store your opened bottles of Aloe vera in the refrigerator.  It will spoil if left out after opening.74

     Young children can start with a lower dose such as 1or 2 tsp. a day.  You can work up to a comfortable amount that is helping the condition being treated.  If a person has a skin condition or allergy, please try a skin patch test first.  Aloe vera is non toxic and can be used with other medications without adverse reactions.  Be sure to contact your nutritionist if you have questions about using this herb.75

     Aloe vera can be purchased in gel, juice, or powdered form.  Some veterinary practices use Aloe vera for healing epithelial tissues and the immune system.  Aloe vera may not be effective on certain tumors or on the nervous system diseases.  These aloe treatments are great for animals too.  75% of the time a veterinary is treating a disease that affects the epithelial tissues making Aloe vera a great choice for a healing medium.76