"Natural Healing with Herbs for a Healthier You"
by Gertrude Baldwin

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     As a child I used Aloe vera on sunburns occasionally.  It was very effective at taking the pain away and helping the skin to not peel.  Five years ago I burned myself very badly on a hot lawn mower.  It made the worst burn I had ever had.  It created one big blister the size of a fifty cent piece on the back of my hand.  It turned a dark color right away.  I applied a mixture of fresh Aloe vera gel and lavender essential oil.  I kept it on the burn for 3 hours or so.  It remained very painful at first but slowly the pain went away.  After 24 hours there was no more pain at all.  It was just an ugly burn sore.  I continued to put Aloe vera and lavender on the burn even when it no longer hurt.  It scabbed over and healed up within 3 weeks time.  Today I have no scar on my hand from the injury.

     In 1999 I went on a mission trip to Haiti. I used Aloe vera powder to boost my immune system so I would not catch a virus.  I was successful in not getting sick.

     In 1998 I was having a problem with gallstones.  I found Aloe vera to be helpful in easing the pain attacks.  Within 15 minutes of drinking Aloe vera juice, I noticed a relief in pain from the gallstones attack.  It was not a permanent solution but it worked temporarily.

     I have a shampoo I make that uses Aloe vera gel, liquid castile soap, vegetable glycerin, and jojoba oil or grape seed oil.  It creates a wonderful moisturizing shampoo.  My daughter makes a face toner with Aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, distilled water, and lavender essential oil.  She says it is very refreshing and softens the skin.

     I have a friend who uses Aloe vera for her IBS condition.  It brings her great relief.

     I am currently using Aloe vera gel on the brown spot on the back of my hand.  After one weeks time, I can see the spots are diminishing. I apply the gel 4 times a day.

     Aloe vera contains so many beneficial ingredients that it would be wise to take it daily even if you had no ailments.  The medicinal value of this plant is highly esteemed and works as good as a medicine.